At Precious Petals we offer a wide selection of custom made frames to suit your decor.

We use acid free mount card with white core or parchment to prevent discolouration.

All of our pictures are glazed with 'conservation' glass which filters out 97% of damaging ultra violet light. We can also engrave the glass with text or the date of your wedding.

We preserve and frame all sizes from a single flower to extra large wedding bouquets.

Choosing your frame

It is your decision on the size and type of frame that your flowers are presented in which will determine the cost of our service.

If you intend to have your complete bouquet framed, to work out the the size frame you require please measure it and add 2 inches to length and width of the bouquet.

Your frame will be custom made for you so if the sizing is not detailed on our price guide please call us and we will be pleased to give you an individual quote.

However, once your flowers have been preserved by us we will send to you a frame recommendation ready for you to complete the order form linked below.

The next step will be for you to confirm your choice of frame so that we can proceed with your order ( most of our customers do this after their honeymoons ).

At this point you can decide whether you wish to have your whole bouquet framed, a scaled down version or a different design created with your preserved flowers.

Please confirm your display choice on our order form

Alternatively it would be lovely if you could visit our studio . You can then view your flowers and see the colours and texture that they have preserved to and choose a suitable frame from our full collection.

Please call 01256 882422 to make an appointment,your preserved flowers will take a month to be ready to view.

If you are unable to visit us and would like some help with this decision please do call , we will be delighted to assist you.

Our Display Range


Price Band A                
Dark Wood Gold Line Black                
Price Band B              
Oak Cottage Pine Beech              
Price Band C            
Antiqued Gold Modern Gold Speckled Gold Bronze            
Antiqued Silver Modern Silver Speckled Silver Modern Silver Black Edge            
Distressed White Modern White                
Price Band D                
Pewter Oval Frames         Acrylic Cubes              







Wedding Bouquet Preservation specialists and Pressed Flower Preservation Specialists

"I would just like to say a very big thank you for the fantastic job you did with my bouquet. It looks lovely up on the wall and everybody has remarked on it when they have entered the room. If I could have the day all over again, I wouldn't hesitate in having you do the flowers afterwards. I shall certainly be recommending you to all future brides. Thank you once again"

Joanne Trimmer

The Wedding Bouquet & Flower Preservation Specialists

Wedding Bouquet and Flower Preservation
Tel: 01256 882 422