Claims to fame

With over 30 years experience we are the market leaders in flower preservation,our excellent reputation is second to none.We have often been asked to preserve flowers belonging to royalty,celebrities and sporting events.

We respect confidentiality when requested but here are a few examples of work we have been asked to do which we hope will be of interest to you.


Izzy and Harry Judd


We are very pleased with the bouquet that we have preserved for Izzy Judd following her marriage to Harry.

The bouquet was made up of roses, freesias and early spring flowers.We think they look fabulous in the modern white frame from our latest collection.

Please see for some beautiful examples of Izzy Judds collections

Marvin and Rochelle Humes


It was a delight to be asked to preserve

Mrs Humes beautiful bouquet of cream roses. She chose our pewter frame to display her flowers in with a double cream mount.

Olympic Bouquets from Athens , Beijing and London

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We were first asked to preserve flowers from The Athens Olympics in 2004 . Since then we have preserved flowers from Beijing 2008 and had a very busy summer in 2012 preserving flowers from many different events in London 2012.


Vanilla Ice


We were asked to preserve and frame this lovely bouquet which was presented by Vanilla Ice to a very special little girl called Grace.

Grace had been invited to watch Dancing on Ice and was particularly upset when Vanilla Ice was voted out .

When he saw how upset she was Vanilla Ice skated over and gave his flowers to Grace.

We were then asked to preserve them so that she could treasure this the flowers for years to come.

The bouquet consisted of aqua roses, sweet akitos and gerberas with artificial pink butterflies.




Breeders cup



Lord Derby first asked us to preserve this saddle of flowers when his horse won the Breeders Cup many years ago.

Each Breeders' Cup race awards to the winner a garland of flowers draped over the withers of the winning horse.

The event takes place in USA or Canada and the UK winners have since brought the flowers back for us to preserve



British Film Industry


We have been asked to preserve flowers for the British film industry .


    Jade Goody



Amongst other famous bouquets we were particularly proud to be asked to preserve and frame Jade Goody's wedding bouquet


The bouquet which was made by Rob Van Helden consisted of vandella roses and muscari.


We hope that it will bring back happy memories for Jade Goody's family


Sophie and Edward


Our most famous claim to fame was when we preserved and framed Sophie The Countess of Wessex bouquet when she married Prince Edward in 1999 at Windsor Castle .


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